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Trip Consultation

Consultation and Trip-Planning Services

We offer a variety of travel services to meet all of your needs.


Itinerary Review

If you already have your plans, an expert will look them over and provide suggestions and ideas to maximize your trip.

During this 60-minute consultation (phone or virtual), we will review each day of your itinerary and provide recommendations, changes, and insider information so that you get the most out of your travels! Review includes a follow-up written overview with recommendations and additional information.

Cost: $150 USD

Personalized Planning

​We will help you plan a full trip itinerary and make reservations for you.


We offer four hours of travel consultation by phone and email and provide:

  • Daily detailed itinerary (maps, descriptions, etc)

  • Booking of all accommodations

  • Recommendations and reservations for dining

  • And any extras that we can help you with!

Cost: $250 plus $50 per day of travel

Travel Advice

Are you in the planning process or daydreaming of your trip?Give us a call and ask all your questions!

​During this 45-minute consultation (phone or virtual), you can ask us for hotel  recommendations, route and transportation options, or anything that will get you ready and excited for your trip!

Cost: $50 USD

         We have a variety of consultation services depending on your needs:

                 • Consultation via phone, Skype, Zoom, or email

                 • Personalized daily itinerary (printable PDF as well as electronic version for your devices)
                 • Suggested travel routes and transportation options
                 • Maps and descriptions of all locations with locals tips
                 • Museums /Attractions/Free Time Suggestions
                 • Restaurant and accommodation Recommendations
                 • Things to Know Before you go, including a seasonal packing list

                 • Making Reservations in French  (email and phone)

                 • Connecting you to tours, tastings, special events, etc.

                 • French lessons - learn key phrases for your trip!

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