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Vaccinated, Boosted, and Ready to Travel!

If you are like me, the desire for a trip is always strong. Personally, I haven't traveled on a plane or to anywhere more than a half-day's drive since January, 2019. Between Covid, a newborn, moving, and caring for some family members, it just hasn't been possible or even a priority. But, I have to say, that itch is itching!

I'm sure many of you are feeling it too and maybe you're ready to hope on a plane and go somewhere new, beautiful, inspiring! So, let's make that happen!

This year, I will not be offering group trips, instead I will be focusing solely on personalized trip planning. This will allow me to work directly with you on creating your getaways, and give me the time to build up some new itineraries for 2023! I am VERY excited to engage with you on your plans and ensure that you are getting the best experience!

Contact me and let's chat! As always, I offer a free 20-minute consultation and we can go from there. I look forward to it!

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