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Inspired by Mexico City

We just returned from an incredible week in Mexico City. While this wasn't our first time there, we were so lucky to be able to take our family on this trip and thereby use it as the dry run for our NEW Mexico City tour!! And what a journey! We timed it to be there for Dia de los Muertos and it was just a magical experience.

Mexico City, for those of you who haven't yet been, is an unbelievable city. It is busy, vibrant, and full of adventures. The history alone is mind-blowing: imagine hiking up a 2000 year old pyramid or walking through the ruins of the original city of Tenochtitlan from the early 1300's. And that's just the beginning (no pun intended!).

The city is full of museums, parks, and DID I MENTION THE FOOD?!?!?!?! Street tacos! Atole! Elote!

Please enjoy these photos, and think about joining us in 2021 for your own trip to Mexico City!

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