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Packing List, Spring 2017

Packing is a labor of love. It is the thing that I get nervous and excited about, in equal measure. There's something about packing that brings up all of my anxieties about a trip and then calms them. If I'm well-packed, I feel confident and ready for the adventure!

So, in preparation for the Spring travel season, I would like to share with you my packing approach and my packing list.

Approach: Ask yourself the questions.

Question 1: Where am I going and for how long?

Question 2: What will the weather be like?

Question 3: What activities will I be engaged in?

Question 4: Will I be more focused on style, comfort, or both?

Question 5: How much do I really want to bring with me?

Question 6: Will I want to/can I do laundry?

My answers for this packing list:

1. All over France, for almost three weeks

2. Spring in France can be cold and rainy, or warm and sunny. Le printemps!

3. Tourism (museums), walking, some hiking, eating!

4. Both

5. Not much. For two of us, one large suitcase and one carry on

6. I can if needed

What I brought:


White jeans

Black jeans

Denim jeans


2 Reversible camis

2-3 t-shirts (striped, black, white)

Long sleeved tunic

Long sleeved light sweater


Long black cardigan

Long beige cardigan

Trench coat


T-shirt dress (can be casual or dressy)


Waterproof booties (I LOVE these: Blondo "Valli")

Walking sneakers (These are my favorite: Cole Haan 'GrandPro'


Two scarves (one warm and one decorative)


That's it! If I had been traveling on my own, this would have fit into a carry on!

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