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About Us

France Du Jour Custom Travel

An Overview of Our Services

  • Group travel: Every year, we offer a variety of planned trips in various parts of France. These are limited to 6-8 people and include accommodations, in-country transportation, two meals daily, a bilingual guide, and entrance fees/tickets.

  • Custom built trips: We will work with you and your family or friends to design a trip based on your desired theme or experience. Want a trip focusing on the Impressionists? How about a French Fashion tour? Whatever you're looking for, we can design the perfect getaway for you and your group.


  • Travel planning: If you need someone knowledgeable to talk with to gather ideas and inspiration for your next adventure, look no further! We are available in person, virtually, or by email to give suggestions, provide itineraries, and help you navigate the wide world of travel planning!​ Start with a free 15-minute introduction.

  • French Lessons: I provide a full-immersion French learning experience for all levels. I customize my curriculum for you and your goals, helping you to be confident and excited to use your French! Please contact me for more information and to start speaking French today! 


Why We Started France Du Jour Custom Travel 

Have you ever had a travel experience in which you're really excited for your trip? You've made your itinerary, set your budget, packed your bags. And then you go. You're in this incredible place, but you feel like you just can't access it.


Maybe you don't speak the language, maybe you don't understand the culture, maybe you feel like you're missing out on the good stuff. Maybe you get home and you feel like you didn't really 'get it'. That's where we come in! We want to help you have an authentic, meaningful experience that ensures that you see the real France - the hidden gems, the local culture, the memorable moments - that make travel so important and enjoyable.


When you travel with France Du Jour Custom Travel, you will be off the beaten path and in the heart of France. And we will be with you all the way, so you can relax and soak it all in.

France Du Jour Custom Travel- travel that inspires and delights. 

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